Legitimate survey sites that pay you cash or points to take surveys.

Keynote and KIDZEYES

In addition to knowing that your feedback is helping to improve the Web, you may also receive a reward for participating in some free online surveys. These rewards often come in the form of a gift certificate to a popular online retail store.

Many Keynote Panelists also enjoy being able to check out cool new Web sites before they're accessible to the general public. Web businesses often use Keynote to help prepare their new sites for launch, so our panelists are frequently the first to "test drive" a new site.

A lot of kids enjoy being a part of KidzEyes because not only do you get to share your opinions when they take free online surveys, but you’ll earn rewards that can be redeemed for a check, once you’ve earned 1000 KidzPoints.

You’ll also be one of the first people to learn about new products and you’ll be rewarded for telling them how you honestly feel about these things
by taking free online surveys. Some of the things you may be asked about include: food, clothing, toys, games, TV shows, music, technology, the environment, school and more.

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